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Find a mortgage for your individual needs - Refinance & Consolidate higher interest debt, create cashflow, Bad Credit, No Credit, we can help.

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Bad Credit, No Credit


Financial Growth
Through Real Estate Investing.

Simple and effective investment strategies.  Real Estate investing made easy with returns of up to 10-12%*

  • First Mortgage Investment

  • Real Estate Backed Assets

  • Canadian Assets Only

  • Secured by Real Estate

  • Invest like the Pro's


Private Mortgages
If you are looking for a private mortgage, to consolidate debt, or any other reason, we have private mortgages starting at 6.99%*

Rates from 6.99%
Up to 80% LTV
Appraisal, Application and Credit Bureau is all we need


Earn annual returns of up to 10-12%* on Real Estate Backed Assets
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Be the Lender

Get a piece of the action.

The goal of this strategy is to have your money is making money!  Have you sometimes wondered what it would be like to earn the kind of profits you hear the major financial institutions reporting in the news each year?


One way of “getting a piece of this action” is to consider being the banker yourself.  You can start loaning out your own funds and resources on real estate backed assets. A great way of passively investing in real estate without being the landlord!

Up to 10-12%* Interest Returns Annually
Real Estate Asset Lending

Simple and effective investment strategies.  Real Estate lending made easy with returns of up to 10-12%.  Our lending opportunities are designed to meet the flexibility and the needs of our borrowers and lenders.  We work strategically to educate you on investment opportunities that provide you with solid returns, managed by dedicated professionals, and backed by Real Estate.  Start Investing with as little as $5,000 and benefit from the compounding interest!  Contact us today to learn more!

Mortgage Investing Basics


Average Return on Investment Annually

Investment Secured by Real Property


Short Term Investment Options

Interest Paid Monthly on Loan Amount


No Fee to Lenders who lend their money


Investment Options

Lend Funds Privately

Invest in Real Estate Assets and earn annual return from 9-12%.

Start with $5,000

Borrow Money to Make Money

Borrow from a home equity line of credit at a lower rate of interest and lend out at a higher rate earning the spread.

Self Directed RRSP, LIRA, RRIF or TFSA

Learn how to earn a higher return on your registered funds through private lending.

Residential Neighborhood

"It's not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for."
— Robert Kiyosaki